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Giants Position Battles: WRs

In our continuing look at the position battles that will take place for the Giants in training camp, today we will take a look at the Wide Receivers:

Currently on the roster:

Ramses Barden, Taye Biddle, Shaun Bodiford, Derek Hagan, Domenik Hixon, Mario Manningham, Sinorice Moss, Hakeem Nicks, Micah Rucker, Steve Smith, David Tyree.

Quick Breakdown:

Ramses Barden: 3rd round pick, the Giants are looking at him to replace the "Lone Gunman" as Eli's big target. Can he avoid the dreaded "Giants 3rd round WR curse" is the big question.

Taye Biddle: Spent last season on the Giants practice squad, and that's the only way he collects a paycheck from the Giants this year as well. Also recovering from a shooting injury, not self-inflicted.

Shaun Bodiford: will be lucky to survive the first cuts. Not trying to be harsh, but the Giants are simply too deep at this position.

Derek Hagan: signed last year for depth after being cut by the Miami Dolphins. He is a former 3rd round pick of the Dolphins, with hands bad enough to play for the Mets.

Domenik Hixon: Coming into just his 4th season in the league, has excelled as a returner, and shown flashes when pressed into action on offense. I expect big things from Hixon this year.

Mario Manningham: I think Manningham needs to have a strong camp to make the team, after getting hurt early in training camp last year, falling behind, and contributing nothing all season long, unless you count that 78-yard loss on an end around against Philly.

Sinorice Moss: Speaking of guys who need to have a strong camp, this applies to no one more than Sinorice Moss. We've rarely seen him healthy, and when he has been healthy he hasn't produced much. I think the hourglass is out of sand here, time's up, Sinorice.

Hakeem Nicks: Looks like the Giants first round pick in 2009 will be given every opportunity to win the starting WR position.

Micah Rucker: The undrafted free agent from Eastern Illinois spent time on the Giants practice squad last season. A lot of people seem to see Rucker as a sleeper, his size and speed make him an attractive possibility. Could be a surprise on the roster in September.

Steve Smith: Rising star, and right now is Eli's most reliable target.

David Tyree: The Giants were able to delay an inevitable tough decision last season by placing Tyree on the IR after knee surgery. Unfortunately, I think Tyree and the Giants will part ways before the season starts. I think he has always been underrated as a WR, his Super Bowl heroics notwithstanding. He'll catch on somewhere.

I'm not going to project out the depth chart, too many variables with the WRs this season, so I will just give you who I expect to see on the roster:

Projected WRs on the roster:

Smith, Hixon, Nicks, Barden, Manningham, Rucker

Practice Squad:

Taye Biddle