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The interview I almost had with Antonio Pierce

Antonio Pierce

I thought I might have an interview with New York Giants' middle linebacker Antonio Pierce for you today. Seems Antonio had other ideas, however.

Now normally, that's no big deal. I have managed a few interviews this off-season. Kevin Boss, Steve Smith and Danny Ware have all taken time to speak with me on the phone or answers a few questions via e-mail.

Believe me, I do appreciate these guys taking the time to answer my questions. It's a huge thrill for me. Not so much because I am talking to pro athletes -- I have been writing sports long enough that I have done that before. It thrills me because it speaks volumes about the growth of BBV and the growing recognition we are getting as a credible source of Giants' information.

So, I recently came across AP's Web site, and as I have done with other players I inquired about doing an interview. His marketing group agreed to forward him some questions, so I put together an interview and e-mailed it off.

Lo and behold, I get an e-mail back from the marketing group a couple of days ago that instead of answering my questions and sending them back to me, AP has decided to only answer 'fan questions' via his 'Twitter' page. So, on AP's Twitter site are answers to some of my questions, mixed in with other fan mail questions he deemed worthy of responding to. And no, I'm annoyed enough that I'm not giving you AP's Twitter link. If you really must go see it, I know you can find it.

Of course, only the answers appear due to Twitter's limitations. You really have to figure out what the question was from reading the answer.

So, here's what I'm gonna do. I'm not letting AP have all the fun with MY questions. After the jump you'll find his answers -- pulled from Twitter -- along with the question I sent him, and that I think he was answering.

If this ticks him, and his marketing gurus, off so be it. I feel like I got screwed here.

Let's call this 'The Interview with AP That Should Have Appeared Exclusively on BBV.'

BBV: Sensitive question, but I hope you'll answer it. I'm sure you're aware of the whispers that maybe you aren't quite the same player you were a couple of years ago. How do you feel about that, and do you use it as motivation?

AP (on Twitter): I don't worry about what ppl say about me. I do hear criticism, but that comes with the territory. I expect nothin but the best this yr.

BBV: Obviously, you have a new coordinator heading into the 2009 season. I know you worked closely with Bill Sheridan since he was the linebackers coach. How different is he from Steve Spagnuolo, and do you expect the defensive style to change much?

AP (on Twitter): Biggest dif between Spags and Sheridan is We won't know much more until the season starts. Both very meticulous.

BBV: Were you surprised at how aggressively management added pieces to the defense throughout the off-season?

AP (on Twitter): Haven't met Sintim, but 3new guys are great. 2 big DL +1 Speedy LBER= WATCH OUT.

BBV: What would you like to do once your playing career is done? Is it possible we'll see you as an NFL analyst?

AP (On Twitter): I love ftbll and I'm a student of the game so if the opportunity arises in the right organization and right time, I could see myself coachin

I did send AP a few other questions. Those, however, are the only answers I could find that corresponded to what I asked.