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Eli shows confidence in receivers

Eli Manning apparently doesn't want to hear about Plaxico Burress any more.

From Bob Glauber of Newsday:

The Giants' quarterback was a bit more candid than usual in an interview with Boomer Esiason on this week's Boomer Esiason Show on MSG. In fact, Manning made it clear the Giants are ready to move on without recently released receiver Plaxico Burress, and seemed to back off previous comments about the need to get a big receiver. ...

"I feel confident. They didn’t need to go and get a big wide receiver. When Plaxico was injured, the guys stepped up and put up big points. It’s not like we need to have him. We put up big points. It’s not like we weren’t playing well because of Plaxico. We just weren’t playing very good football. Steve Smith is coming around in his third year & he’s going to be a guy who gets more playing time. Young guys are getting more experience.

"Last year was very beneficial for them because they got to play so much. Hixon had a tremendous season. Manningham; he has been working hard and wanting to get back in the action and figure out what his role is. These guys are second round draft picks. I feel great about the guys we have. They are hard workers, they practice well, and they’re competitive."

Good for Eli. That chapter is over. It's time to turn the page. Eli, as the leader of the team, has done that and I was happy to see him do it.