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Brad Benson's a funny guy

The incomparable Neil Best of Newsday had a piece Friday on former New York Giants' lineman Brad Benson, and his ... umm ... entertaining way of advertising the Hyundai car dealership he owns in New Jersey.

Being the investigative reporter that I am -- and having nothing else to do deep in the bowels of the NFL off-season -- I went searching YouTube to see what Best was talking about. I don't live in Jersey, so I don't see or hear Benson's ads.

All I can say is, this dude is not normal. Of course, maybe that's why he was such a good lineman. Here is a sample of one of Benson's Hyundai ads.

There are a whole bunch of these on YouTube. In fact, I think there are enough that we will every Saturday this month 'Brad Benson Video Day' here at Big Blue View.