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Giants Position Battles: QBs

Giants training camp is shaping up to be pretty interesting this year, it looks like there are going to be some tough battles for backup positions. The Giants have strong talent at almost every spot, which is a nice problem to have, but decisions will have to be made in training camp to pare down the roster. Big Blue View will take a few of the positions over the coming days, and break down the battle for roster spots.

First up will be the Quarterbacks.

Eli Manning is the starting QB. No complaints, we could do a lot worse. (And have).

David Carr re-signed to be the backup QB for 2009. Smart move by Carr, after years of punishment in Houston, he could stand another year of not getting pummeled.

Also on the roster:

Andre Woodson: Drafted last season as a "project", Woodson was waived at the end of training camp last year, and signed to the practice squad the following day.

Rhett Bomar: Drafted in the 5th round in 2009, Bomar's promising college career was derailed after accepting payment from a car dealership for work he didn't perform, and he was forced to transfer to Sam Houston State, where he excelled as the starting QB for 2 years. Bomar is also considered a project QB; the Giants want him to work on his mechanics.

A little side note on Bomar: He was heavily recruited out of high school, and received offers from the University of Miami, Michigan, UCLA, Florida State, and Texas. ( That's a pretty impressive list of schools.

Bomar has been labeled a "troublemaker", and accused of having a "checkered past" by the media, which is pretty unfair. He took money for a job he didn't do and got caught. Too much is being made over this; we aren't talking about a guy who was dealing drugs to kids or selling illegal immigrants into slavery. He did what 75% of all 18-year-olds would have done in his position, and unfortunately he got caught. I think it's time the media lets Rhett Bomar just be Rhett Bomar, 3rd string QB of the New York Giants, which is where I am projecting him.

Projected QB Depth Chart:

1st String: Eli Manning
2nd String:
David Carr
3rd String:
Rhett Bomar

I believe the Giants will carry 3 QBs this year after carrying just 2 in 2008. I can't see them leaving Bomar exposed on the practice squad, where he could be picked up by another team at any time.

I think Andre Woodson's time is nearly up. He may get picked up by another team for their practice squad in 2009, and I'd be willing to bet you'll see him in the Arena League when it resumes in 2010.