Who's better, Domenik Hixon Or Desean Jackson

Living in Philly, I hear as much about the Eagles as I do about the Giants.  Everybody in Philly is super high on young receiver Desean Jackson.  When I mention Domenik Hixon, however, they tend to be dismissive.  Even a fair number of Giants fans don't see Hixon as a budding star the way the Eagles see Jackson.  This inspired me to take a closer look at the numbers the 2 receivers put up last year.  Hixon had 43 catches for 596 yards and Jackson had 62 catches for 912 yards.  So Jackson did have the better year, right?  If you look a little closer, however, you'll see that Jackson's yards per catch(14.7) were only a little higher than Hixon's (13.9).  So it looks like Jackson had more catches and more yards because he had more opportunities, not necessarily because he's better.  That's not surprising, because the Eagles attempted 115 more passes than the Giants last year and Jackson was a starter in all 16 games.  Digging even a little deeper, the numbers show that Hixon caught 59.7% of the passes where he was the target and Jackson only 51%. That's actually a pretty big difference.  My conclusion was that both receivers are good young receivers with a lot of upside, but that the perception that Jackson is a star in the making while Hixon is just a fill in that needs to be replaced is not accurate.

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