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BBV getting better ... hopefully

In the continuing effort to make Big Blue View the one-stop shop for all your New York Giants' needs, I want to make sure you are aware of a few of subtle changes that have been implemented here in the last few days.

The biggest is in the 'Sections' box in the left navigation bar. You will see some new sections there. The biggest of these is 'Transcripts.' Go there and you will see that it is exactly what it says it is. Transcripts of recent interviews made available to the media by the Giants. I need to thank Giants' Vice President of Communications Pat Hanlon for allowing us legitimate access to those.

I am incredibly excited about being able to bring you that level of information, which you previously had to find on

You will also see an 'Interviews' section, and 'Valentine's Views.' 'Interviews' will include all of the player and media interviews we have begun getting here at BBV.'Valentine's Views' is empty now, but will include a weekly Peter King/Mike Lupica style cross-over column I will begin posting this Sunday.

These changes are meant to add depth to the site, and make it easier to navigate.

The 'Giants Links' section of the left nav has been expanded to include Giants' team pages from all the major outlets -- Yahoo!, CBS Sportsline, ESPN, SI, USA Today and FOX. If you are looking for information you can't find here on BBV, there has to be a link somewhere on the main page that will take you to it.

A 'Player Pages' section has also been added to the left nav bar. Many of the Giants' players have Web sites or 'Facebook' pages, and you can find them here. If you know of any other ones not listed, let me know.

Here are a few other site notes.

  • If you want to follow BBV on Twitter, we're there.
  • If you want to advertise, e-mail I will get you all the info you need, and get you connected with our marketing gurus.
  • If you need Giants' merchandise, please check the Giants' FanShop in the left nav bar before you go anywhere else. I do get a small percentage of the proceeds when you buy anything -- Giants or otherwise -- via that link. And I do appreciate it.

One last thing.

You see the links for 'Facebook,' Digg,' and 'Yahoo Buzz' at the bottom of many of the posts. If you like a post, please click those links to help promote the site. You can also 'hype up' posts at Ballhype to help this place keep growing.