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BBV hits a milestone

While I was sleeping, we reached a cool milestone here at Big Blue View. We passed the 1 million mark in total page views, which I find amazing.

We opened our little community here in February of 2007, and the place is growing beyond anything I could have hoped for. The great folks at SBN have had a lot to do with that, but so have you guys. It's the members of this community, the thoughtfulness and enthusiasm you bring to the site each day, and the way you treat other other, that makes this place special to me. And, I hope, to you.

By the way, I looked up who the first commenter was way back in my initial post. There were a handful of other SBN bloggers to welcome me, but the guy who set the tone for this place was none other than 'George Cronin,' now known as 'Blue Gonz.'

Thanks, George. Thanks to all of you.