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Let's talk wide receivers, hot girls

SBaker' brought up the wide receivers and hot girls comparison in a comment thread the other day. Let's take advantage of that opening to compare the various wide receivers who could become Giants to the beautiful women they might remind you of.

Michael Crabtree is ... Bar Refaeli

Refaeli, the SI swimsuit cover girl, is the sexiest girl in the bar. But you're afraid to go talk to her because you know she's probably out of your league, anyway. And, you know you don't have what it takes to talk your way into the conversation. Same with the Giants and Crabtree.

More Bar.

Jeremy Maclin is ... Adriana Lima

Mostly because I had to find a place to get Lima in here, since she is one of my favorites. But, she is married to basketball player Marko Jaric, and thus unavailable. Maclin will also likely be off the market before the Giants get a shot at him.

More Adriana.

Darrius Heyward-Bey is ... Reby Sky

Lots of flash and more sizzle than you might be able to handle. But, are you really sure what you are getting yourself into? I know that's the case with Reby, our NY Giants Girl, and I suspect it's the same with DHB.

More Reby. And even more Reby.

Braylon Edwards is ... Danica Patrick

Has all the physical attributes you want, looks great and has had some shining moments. But, for the most part more potential than production.

More Danica.


Hakeem Nicks is ... Jessica Alba

Looks really nice, but at first you think you might be able to do better. Then you stop and think about it, and realize you might just be nuts to pass up the chance. You know you wouldn't complain.

More Jessica.

Anquan Boldin is ... Serena Williams

Hard-hitting, powerful and unafraid. Pretty scary once they both get rolling. Boldin likes to catch the ball, then steamroll opponents. Williams likes to steamroll opponents with that big serve and powerful forehand.

More Serena.

Percy Harvin is ... Natalie Gulbis

Both Harvin, the wide receiver/running back and Gulbis, the LPGA star, pack a lot of excitement into small packages. Might not be your first pick, but both are sexy choices and you have to admit you wouldn't pass up the opportunity.

More Natalie.

Kenny Britt is ... Ana Ivanovic

We don't know a heck of a lot about Britt, other than he is from Rutgers. Nor do we know much about the tennis-playing Ivanovic. But, we sure would like to know a heckuva lot more.

More Ana.

Chad Johnson is ... Anna Benson

Not currently available, and you know darn well getting involved is a bad idea, anyway. But, wouldn't you love to have a fling? You know you would have fun ... for a little while.

More Anna.

Ramses Barden is ... Anna Rawson

They are both long, tall physical freaks. Barden the 6-foot-6 monster wide receiver, Rawson the leggy 5-10 golfer and model. You would love to get close, just to get a really good look. But, truthfully, you really have no idea if either one of them can thrive at an elite level in their respective sports.

More Anna.

We can't finish this without a Plaxico Burress comparison, since it is all the Burress issues that got us into thism anyway, So, without further adieu ...

Plaxico Burress is ... Lindsay Lohan

They both look good from far away, but when you get closer you realize neither of them is all that great to be around, both have had driving issues and seemingly aren't crazy about authority, and you are never really sure what either one will do next. And their behavior tells you they each have commitment issues.

More Lindsay.