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Announcing the BBV Community Mock Draft

If you have been around here a while, you know I don't like doing Mock Drafts. If you're new, now you know.

That said, I know many of you are 'draftniks,' love the mocks, love the conjecture leading up to the draft and love sharing your opinions.

So, we are going to do our Community Mock Draft.

It will work like this. One round, and you can participate by selecting the team you wish to draft for. Use the comments to tell me which team you want to represent. NOTE: I will make the Giants selection. I am nominating my pal 'Greek' to handle the Buffalo Bills, since he loves them. I am also handing the Indianapolis Colts to 'SBaker,' since he lives there and may very well be the original member of BBV.

So, sign up for your team below. Unless we are way short of people wanting to participate, I am only giving each of you one team. I will pick for any teams not represented by the end of today.

Once we have all the teams selected we will then start the draft. When it's time I will let you know how to get the picks to me. Below is the list of teams in order of how they will draft. You can see which ones are open.

We will see how this goes. We have never done one of these here at BBV. If it goes smoothly, maybe we will add a second round.

[Updated with some of the selectors. The board is starting to fill up, so if you want a team, grab one. Who will dare pick for the NFC East teams?]

  1. Detroit Lions -- 'cjmulrain'
  2. St. Louis Rams -- 'Woogie526'
  3. Kansas City Chiefs -- 'jrs1940'
  4. Seattle Seahawks -- 'bkurcz'
  5. Cleveland Browns -- 'jp2y'
  6. Cincinnati Bengals -- 'bforrer'
  7. Oakland Raiders -- 'hoyadestroya85'
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars -- 'mymanren'
  9. Green Bay Packers --
  10. San Francisco 49ers -- 'Free Bradshaw'
  11. Buffalo Bills -- 'The Greek'
  12. Denver Broncos -- 'lizard'
  13. Washington Redskins -- Rick Snider
  14. New Orleans Saints -- 'CodyK'
  15. Houston Texans -- 'one-bar'
  16. San Diego Chargers -- 'Bajaserge'
  17. New York Jets -- 'mwilli'
  18. Denver Broncos -- 'lizard'
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- 'DaBigBlue'
  20. Detroit Lions -- 'cjmulrain'
  21. Philadelphia Eagles -- 'queler'
  22. Minnesota Vikings -- 'NYG 28'
  23. New England Patriots -- 'potroast'
  24. Atlanta Falcons -- 'kingofatlanta'
  25. Miami Dolphins -- 'Gobs56'
  26. Baltimore Ravens --
  27. Indianapolis Colts -- 'SBaker'
  28. Philadelphia Eagles -- 'queler'
  29. New York Giants -- 'ETVal'
  30. Tennessee Titans --
  31. Arizona Cardinals -- 'cgerycz'
  32. Pittsburgh Steelers -- 'squid92'