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New York Giants' notebook, 04.29.09


The media had access to New York Giants' coaches and players Tuesday. Thus, there are a few good Giants' stories floating around the Inter-Google today that we should touch on.

  • Mike Garafolo is reporting that the Giants nearly had a Draft Day deal worked out that would have enabled them to select Missouri wide receiver Jeremy Maclin.

Before drafting North Carolina's Hakeem Nicks with their own pick at No. 29, the Giants had worked out the parameters of a trade with the Lions to move up to the 20th pick, according to someone briefed on the negotiations between the two teams.

The person, who requested anonymity because the Giants don't discuss war-room talks publicly, didn't divulge what was being offered to Detroit but said the trade was contingent on Missouri wide receiver Jeremy Maclin's being available for the Giants to select at that spot.

The plan was nixed when the Eagles, probably sensing the Lions were shopping their pick, jumped up two spots to No. 19 (by giving the Browns a sixth-round selection) to pick Maclin

Interesting, but I am still perfectly OK with how things turned out.

  • Good news from new defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan. He said he plans very few changes in the scheme the Giants ran so successfully under the guidance of Steve Spagnuolo.

"We've had a good defense the past couple of years and it's a very sound scheme and proven," Sheridan said Tuesday in his first session with reporters since being promoted following the departure of Steve Spagnuolo to the Rams. "That was, I'm sure, motivation for (Tom Coughlin) to make that decision to keep it within in the staff. No, there won't be a lot of changes. There will be wrinkles that you might not even notice out there. The players will notice them a little bit, but basically we'll run the same stuff because it's been good, it's been proven."

One change he did hint at that I absolutely love is less zone blitzes. I hate, no make that HATE, seeing defensive linemen in coverage while corners and safeties rush the passer. That's backwards, and it means you have at least two guys in the defense doing something they aren't paid to do.

"We're definitely going to have the pass rushers rushing as much as we can," he said. "When you get into zone (blitzes), you have down guys dropping. And you're never going to get away from that, but as much as we can, we're going to try to orchestrate so that our pass rushers are rushing because that's our strength. We recognize that and everybody knows that."

  • Sheridan had plenty of other comments about his defense, including discussing Antonio Pierce, Clint Sintim and Mathias Kiwanuka. Good stuff!
  • Eli Manning knows everyone is still flush with excitement over all the receivers the Giants drafted last weekend. He spent Tuesday trying to temper the expectations for the rookies. That's probably a good idea. Don't pressure these guys to play like Pro Bowl wideouts from Day 1, and take whatever they can give.

“After being here five years and seeing how rookies come in, it is a learning curve,” Manning said. “It is a process. So we’ll try to get them as much as they can and see what they can do and how they can help us next year.” ...

“We’ve just to get them in and see how quickly they can learn everything,” Manning said. “That’s what it’s going to come down to. A lot is thrown at them. It is a learning curve. They’re going to make mistakes. But if they’re getting in there, getting reps and staying healthy, they’ll learn a lot faster.”

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