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New York Giants' notes, 04.28.09


Here are a few stories of interest for New York Giants' fans on a post-draft Tuesday.

  • Newsday says that one reason the Giants used their first two picks on Hakeem Nicks and Clint Sintim is that both players were in pro-style systems in college. Theoretically, that gives scouts a better read and players an easier adjustment.

"When scouts come through here, the feedback we always get is that they are thankful to come in and watch an offense that looks like an NFL offense," said Tar Heels coach Butch Davis, a former NFL coach who employs a pro-style offense in college. "They saw Hakeem (Nicks) run every single route that any NFL coordinator could ask him to run."

"I don't have any regrets," the former Christ the King star said of his early jump to the pros. "I've got my foot in the door. What happened in the draft is irrelevant.

"I just want to show them what I can do," Evans said. "And even though I'm not [angry], I want to show other teams what I'm about. I'm not criticizing anybody, but I'm confident in my abilities."

I’m not in love with Hakeem Nicks, but I always love the Giants’ draft. If there was one team that always had a direct hit on players I liked, it was the Giants. They’re a size-speed team and they just keep fixing the lines. The Giants and Pats had the best offseasons, and this draft will be a redshirt draft for them with the exception of Nicks.

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