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A milestone, and a new writer at BBV

Maybe I am the only one who cares about these things, but we hit another milestone here at Big Blue View today. We passed 100,000 unique visitors for April alone -- the first time we have ever done that since we launched in February of 2007.

The bigger news of the day, though, (and yes, I buried the lead) is that we have added a new writer to our panel of experts here at BBV. Chris Mulrain, known to you as 'cjmulrain,' a faithful member of our community, has agreed to come on board as a front-page contributor. He will start posting his own Giants' insights in the next couple of days.

We aren't sure exactly what 'cj' will be writing. I think, though, that his duties will have to involve picking up my dry cleaning, getting my shoes shined and managing my media calendar -- you know, all the stuff that Todd McShay does for Mel Kiper! Somebody around here has to do those things. Now that he has his own site, 'jrs' refuses.

Anyway, I have enjoyed 'cj's comments and FanPosts for a while now. I'm sure he will help this place continue to grow. Make sure to welcome him aboard!