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Who is Rhett Bomar?

Here is a little info on the quarterback the New York Giants just selected with their fifth round pick, 151st overall.

From Mocking the Draft.

What initially made Bomar such a highly regarded prospect coming out of high school is a great passing arm. He shows the ability to make just about any throw on the field. He has a good build and has the strength to stand in the pocket and absorb hits. A solid athlete who has shown the ability to get out on the move and throw on the run. ... The biggest question teams have about Bomar is his attitude and character. He was arrested twice for underage alcohol consumption and was kicked off Oklahoma after receiving money from a no-work job. Also has a reputation of being cocky and rubs some people the wrong way. ... After being the top quarterback recruit in the country in 2003, Bomar signed with Oklahoma and started his redshirt freshman season. He landed at Sam Houston State after being released from his scholarship just before the 2006 season started. It took Bomar some time to adapt, but by his senior year at Sam Houston State, he was again a top thrower. He has plenty of question marks, but certainly has the tools to start in the NFL.

Perfect example of what you can do when you are dealing from a position of strength, which the Giants clearly are at this point. Right here they have taken a flier on a guy with some obvious talent, but if they don't like his attitude or his performance once they get him to camp they can just cut him loose and move on. Should be a good competition for the 'developmental' quarterback slot between Bomar and Andre Woodson.