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Ramses Barden highlights

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The Giants traded up, with the Eagles no less, to get wide receiver Ramses Barden with the 85th selection of the third round. Barden is the 6-foot-6 monster from Cal-Poly many of you have been touting.

I know I love this move. This could be a guy who becomes a real difference-maker within a couple of seasons. From Ralph Vacchiano, the Giants gave up their third-round pick (91st overall) and one of their two fifth-round selections (164th).

Here is a Barden highlight reel. I apologize if there is no sound.

From Draft Countdown.

Great height and outstanding bulk...Excellent athleticism...Real strong and physical...Good leaper with terrific ball skills...Runs with some power...Has a nose for the endzone...Decent blocker...Intelligent with solid intangibles..Extremely productive and was dominant at his level.