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What else do the Giants need?

OK, so the 2009 NFL Draft is just a day away. We have beaten the wide receiver talk to death, and everyone on the planet seems to know a replacement for Plaxico Burress is the No. 1 need for our New York Giants.

So, let's not talk about that. Let's talk about what other holes the Giants would like to fill this weekend with the 10 picks they currently have at their disposal.

First, let me say this. If you have been around here for a while, you know that I am a big believer is drafting the best player available. Of course, it's nice if the BPA matches what you believer your needs are. But, my feeling is that you always take the best player on the board. Only if there is no clear BPA on your board do you take the player who best fits your need.

With all of that said here are some of the areas -- other than wide receiver -- it would be nice to see General Manager Jerry Reese address in the draft. I am listing them in what I see as the order of priority.


Yes, the Giants signed Michael Boley to man one outside slot. But, is anybody thrilled with Danny Clark, Bryan Kehl, Chase Blackburn or Gerris Wilkinson on the other side? Kehl might be a player, but we don't know. Oh, and there is the matter of grooming a replacement for Antonio Pierce in the middle. Jonathan Goff might be the guy, but again we really have no idea. The Giants haven't drafted a big-time linebacker since Pepper Johnson way back in 1986. It would be nice to change that. Somebody like Virginia linebacker Clint Sintim, maybe?

Offensive Line

Yes, the Giants offensive line is considered one of the best lines in the league, if not the absolute best. And yes, the line has been healthy for the past couple of seasons. Behind that starting group, though, there really is zero depth. Does anyone really want to see the considerable backside of Kevin Boothe lined up for meaningful snaps in 2009? Or Guy Whimper? Reese does have some George Young in him, and Young used to love to collect offensive linemen in the middle to late rounds. It would not be any surprise at all if the Giants used multiple picks to try and bolster their offensive line depth, including a fairly early one on a player like Connecticut's William Beatty, who might be able to take over at left tackle one day.


The Giants signed C.C. Brown to provide depth at safety behind Michael Johnson and Kenny Phillips, but when R.W. McQuarters is your emergency backup at that slot you are pretty thin. With Sam Madison gone and Kevin Dockery probably in his last season with the Giants, a middle round cornerback wouldn't be a bad idea, either.

Running Back

Contrary to some opinions I don't think the Giants absolutely have to get a running back in this draft. They do have Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw, and they love the potential of Danny Ware. Yet, they did lose 1,000-yard rusher Derrick Ward, and you just never know when Jacobs will go down with an injury. Rashad Jennings of Liberty, anyone?

Other Needs

I keep seeing tight end listed as a need, and I really don't think so. Kevin Boss is an emerging star, and I really like Darcy Johnson as well. That said, if a tight end is the BPA when the Giants turn comes along, they should grab him. ... If the Giants are going to use Domenik Hixon at receiver full time grabbing a potential return specialist in the late rounds would be nice. Maybe someone like Marcus Thigpen of Indiana? ... Not a real need, but would anyone be shocked if the Giants used a late pick on a quarterback like Graham Harrell of Texas Tech, someone to compete with Andre Woodson to eventually become the No. 2 guy behind Eli Manning? David Carr isn't going to stick around forever.