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Checking in around the NFC East

Not much going on with our New York Giants today. There are, however, a few headlines of interest regarding the Giants' NFC East rivals. So, let's check in.

  • Dallas Cowboys' tight end Jason Witten is getting tired of hearing that he is to blame for Dallas' decision to release Terrell Owens. Witten says he has "no hard feelings" toward T.O., and that "I was a better player because of him." You have to love the fact that Owens is gone, yet his name is still stirring things up in Dallas.
  • The Washington Redskins are apparently among the suitors for unhappy Denver quarterback Jay Cutler. That, of course, means the 'Skins now have an unhappy imcumbent of their own in Jason Campbell. Never a dull moment around Daniel Snyder and the Redskins. And, as my buddy Rick Snider says, "Dan Snyder rarely gets outbid."
  • No big news around the Philadelphia Eagles. Over at Bleeding Green Nation they are, however, debating whether or not Brian Westbrook's role in the Eagles' offense should be limited. Umm, you guys go right ahead with that. The Giants, and everyone else who plays the Eagles, would love to see Westbrook's number of touches go down. They might even send Andy Reid a 'thank-you' note.

NOTE: If you haven't been following the SBN Mock Draft over at Mocking the Draft, you will probably want to head over there and get up to speed. The Giants' selection, which I have already made, should be posted there Friday. And no, I won't reveal it yet. You will just have to wait.