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Boldin might be back in play

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According to Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, it appears Anquan Boldin might be available after all.

According to The Arizona Republic, team officials with the Arizona Cardinals have acknowledged they’re listening to offers for receiver Anquan Boldin. In fact, coach Ken Whisenhunt told the paper “a few” teams have already called.

The Cardinals did not say whether the Giants were one of those teams, but given their interest in a receiver and their need to replace Plaxico Burress in their lineup, it’s a good bet they were.

However, the Cardinals did make it clear that they’re not trying to trade the 28-year-old Boldin. Whisenhunt said signing him to a new contract “continues to be the preferred result.” But, he added, since they have yet to reach an agreement on a new deal “it would be foolish from our standpoint not to listen to those (trade) opportunities and see what actually exists.”

It seems like we have talked about it the entire off-season, but the question is this. If the Giants trade for a wide receiver, do you want Boldin or Cleveland's Braylon Edwards? For argument's sake, let's assume the price is equal for each. Two to three draft picks and a new long-term, big money contract for whichever guy the Giants get.

When we voted on this last month, BBV Nation clearly seemed to prefer Edwards. Here was the vote.

  • Anquan Boldin: 727 votes
  • Braylon Edwards: 1210 votes

Edwards' skill set is closer to that of the #17 we recently lost. Scouts Inc. warns that Boldin may not really be a true No. 1 receiver. It's not the first time I've heard that opinion.

I thought differently about this a couple of months ago. Now, however, I'd say it makes more sense to go get Edwards. Despite the drops, his skill set is a better fit for the Giants' needs.