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In Reese We Trust ... and here's another reason

Need another reason to trust New York Giants' General Manager Jerry Reese? You really shouldn't need to be convinced after the past two seasons, but I've got a good reason for you, anyway.

Yahoo! Sports has a breakdown of the best and worst NFL Draft teams of the past three seasons. The criteria they used was not how many draft choices made the team during that span, rather how many were still with the team that drafted them.

The Giants, with two of those three drafts run by Reese, were the third-most efficient behind only the Houston Texans (amazing) and Indianapolis Colts. According to the report, 90 percent of the players the Giants drafted in that three-year span are still with the team.

A surprising thing in this report is that the New England Patriots are listed as the worst drafting team in the league the past three seasons.

Anyway, this is another reason we should trust Reese to do the right thing later this month with the 10 selections he has at his disposal.