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Wednesday Walk Around the NFL: 4.1.09


Good Morning Giants fans, Happy Draft Month! Wednesday has arrived, and it's time to take our weekly look at the stories making headlines around the NFL:

  • As you know, today is April Fools Day, which is also known as "All Fools Day", and if you are talking about fools, what better place to start than with Terrell Owens?
  • I know a lot of you guys are Madden players, and yesterday the release date was announced for Madden 2010. The "cursed" cover boy will be announced later this month.
  • Everyone knows how much Ed loves Jay Cutler, and today in The Bleacher Report, Scotty Kimberly says throwing Cutler to the Lions is the right thing to do.
  • Michael Vick has reached a settlement with the Falcons. What about a settlement with those poor dogs?
  • New Bucs coach Raheem Morris is looking to create a new environment around the team.
  • Wow, I hadn't heard this: The league is actually considering relocating Conference Championship games to neutral sites if the regular season is expanded? This is one of the worst ideas I've ever heard. Isn't this what the top teams in the conferences battle for each year, the right for home field advantage? The right to play that title game in your own stadium? If this plan were put in place, teams that got home field advantage would have one playoff game in their home stadium. I can't see how the owners would go for this either. So what if it's cold in late January. It's football, it's supposed to be cold. I understand that the Super Bowl needs to be played in a neutral site, I understand the whole need for an "NFL Experience", I get it. But to see the Giants and Bears, or Packers, or Panthers, play the NFC Championship game in Indianapolis or someplace like that would take every advantage away from the number 1 team, and that negates everything they play for during the regular season.