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BBV gets more toys to play with!

Things just keep getting better and better around Sports Blogs Nation.

First, our affiliation with Yahoo! Sports. Then, the fact that in now picking up posts from many SBN sites, and has recently added Big Blue View to their Giants' team page.

Now, thanks to the amazing leadership and the tech gurus here at SBN we have some new toys that should make your reading and viewing experience even better.

You may have noticed Tuesday that posts began popping up that included photos from AP. That's because we now have licensed access to photos from Associated Press and Getty Images, just like the newspapers and mainstream Web sites.

Click the 'Giants' link at the top of the main page and you will see new team page. It includes stories, Fanshots and Fanpost from BBV and other blogs about the Giants, and links to lots of other helpful information.

Player stats have now been expanded to include career as well as current season totals. Full player pages have now been.

An example of Eli Manning's player page, including career stats, is shown below.


You get all these new bells and whistles, plus the best Giants' conversation with the best community anywhere on the Internet. I hope you don't feel the need to go anywhere else.