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Scouting report on C.C. Brown

Here is a very frank, and in all honesty not very flattering, report on new Giant safety C.C. Brown from Tim at SBN's Houston Texans blog, Battle Red Blog.

Like every safety ever employed by my beloved Texans, C.C. Brown is decent in run support and absolutely awful in coverage. In Houston, the SS and FS positions are fairly interchangeable; I believe Brown played a bit of both for us, though the responsibilities aren't very different.

C.C.'s a solid hitter; he's got no problem laying the wood. It's when you ask him to cover someone and/or an area of the field that you get into trouble. He was a sixth-round pick a few years ago and became a starter, which speaks to (1) his work ethic and (2) the abominable nature of the Houston secondary.
Houston never even tried to re-sign him after the 2008 season, thinking that Nick Ferguson, Eugene Wilson, and Dominique Barber (2008 sixth-rounder) were better options than C.C. None of those guys are world-beaters, so that should give you an idea of what the Houston brass thought of C.C.
That said, I think he'd be a decent addition to a safety rotation. He has no business starting, but I think a smart coaching staff (like Coughlin's) could utilize him in a way to maximize his strength (run support). Speaking of, C.C. originally made the Texans as a special teams player, so I imagine you'll see him there as well; he should be a quality addition in that respect. Just don't ask him to cover anyone. Ever.
Like I said, that isn't exactly a ringing endorsement.