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The wide receiver dream scenario

With this being the day that Plaxico Burress is scheduled to go before a judge on weapons charges related to his accidental shooting of himself in a New York City nightclub, today is a perfect day to discuss an idea regarding the New York Giants' wide receiver situation.

We have spent soooo much time this off-season obsessing over which wide receiver or receivers the Giants should bring in, that I had a thought. A silly one, but a thought.

Forget about picking and choosing which guys to trade for and draft. Let's just collect everybody we possibly can and switch to the A-11 Offense. Oh, and I know the A-11 is illegal in the NFL. But, just play along and imagine the possibilities.

Here's how this would work.

Burress stays out of prison and returns to play in 2009.

The Giants trade a couple of their stockpile of draft picks to Cleveland for Braylon Edwards.

Just for the heck of it, they trade Brandon Jacobs to Arizona for Anquan Boldin. If you're using the A-11 you don't need running backs, anyway! Besides, those little catch-and-run plays Boldin loves are just like running plays. Added bonus here of shutting up the 'Bradshawlics.'

They draft Darrius Heyward-Bey or Hakeem Nicks in the first round, since in my dream scenario they didn't have to give up a No. 1 for Edwards.

With their remaining second-round pick they nab Kenny Britt or Ramses Barden.

Mario Manningham turns into the second-coming of Santana Moss.

Our own Steve Smith turns into a replica of Carolina's Steve Smith.

Micah Rucker proves to be the second coming of Harold Carmichael.

Kevin Boss continues his development into the All-Pro we believe he can become.

We have so many receivers, Domenik Hixon isn't even needed. He can go back to returning all punts and kickoffs -- which he does as well as anyone in the game.

I think that'll work. Provided we can teach Kevin Gilbride how to use all these weapons. Shoot, if we are gonna do this maybe we should just bring in Mike Martz. He doesn't know how to use the running game, anyway.