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Giants don't appear to be finished

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Just when I was beginning to wonder if I would have any news to write about today, reports broke that our New York Giants will be bringing in an experienced safety for a free-agent visit today.

Now I know for sure that General Manager Jerry Reese uses Big Blue View as a resource when deciding what moves to make with his team. After all, it was just yesterday we were discussing the need for a safety.

Lo and behold, C.C. Brown, a four-year veteran from the Houston Texans, will be visiting the Giants today.

Maybe Reese figures that since the New York Yankees signed a free agent CC (Sabathia) that the Giants need one, too.

  • This isn't Giants-related, but I love the dressing down ESPN columnist Gene Wojciechowski gave whining Denver quarterback Jay Cutler via his Monday column.

Will someone please give Jay Cutler his pacifier, hand him his favorite blankie and put him back in his crib for his afternoon nap? Because if he cries anymore about a trade that didn't happen, we'll have to check his Pampers. ... The mere thought of a possible trade upset Cutler so much that he went into full waaaa-waaaa-waaaa mode, wailing like an infant. Why are they being so mean to me?

That is absolutely awesome writing by GW (forget it, I spelled his name once. I am not doing it again). And, it is right on the mark.

  • Speaking of guys with incredibly long last names, T.J. Houshmandzadeh will join the Seattle Seahawks. The Giants, busy buying up defensive players, apparently never entered the bidding for the veteran wide receiver.
  • Bill Barnwell of Football Outsiders has written a long-winded explanation of why Albert Haynesworth isn't worth all the money the Washington Redskins paid him. Hey, Bill, you're a brilliant guy but I didn't need you to tell me that. The three players Jerry Reese signed for the Giants will have a bigger impact than the single player Dan Snyder broke the bank for. I hope Snyder never learns!