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Tyree easy choice for Giants' best 6th-round pick


We have been meandering our way through an occasional round-by-round look at New York Giants' drafts since 1970.

We have looked at the worst first-round picks, and the best of rounds 2 through 5. I have posted polls and allowed you to vote for your choice in each of the previous rounds.

Not this time. When it comes to the sixth round, there is only one possible choice as the Giants' best pick of that round since 1970.

David Tyree. No other sixth-round pick has had an impact on the franchise anywhere near that of the 2008 Super Bowl hero.

Sorry. No arguments. This is a cut and dry, easy choice.

Even without The Catch, it's entirely possible Tyree would still be the choice here. Drafted out of Syracuse in 2003, Tyree has been a terrific special teams player and made the Pro Bowl in 2005.

The Catch makes him a historic figure, and no other sixth-round pick compares.

There are a few other sixth-round selections who had decent careers. Here are some.

  • Scott Brunner (QB, 1980)
  • Doug Riesenberg (T, 1987)
  • Howard Cross (TE, 1989)
  • Corey Miller (LB, 1991)
  • Dhani Jones (LB, 2000)

Anybody still want to argue?