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I almost interviewed Micah Rucker

Micah Rucker came to the Giants in 2008 after spending time with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs. He played college football at Eastern Illinois, and was a two-time All-Ohio Valley Conference WR. Micah_rucker_medium

I was able to sit down with Micah this week for a few minutes. Here's how it went:

Jim: Micah, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with BBV.

Micah: My pleasure Jim, it's always nice to meet a fan.

(Micah's phone rings, he hits a button and rejects the call)

Jim: So Micah, with all the controversy that has surrounded Plaxico Burress, there are some that think this may be an opportunity for you to gain some playing time. You obviously have the size to compare with Plax, do you feel you have the ability?

(Micah's phone rings, he again hits a button and rejects the call)

Jim: If you need to take that, it's OK.

Micah: No, it's just this guy that keeps bothering me. He calls himself NY17 or something.

Jim: Wait ... do you mean NY17NE14?

Micah: That's him! Man, this guy won't leave me alone! He calls me constantly, saying "You're going to replace Plax! You're the man!" He even shows up at my house at odd hours, with a stopwatch, yelling "Micah! 40 time! NOW!", or with a football, wanting me to run fade routes for him. He even follows me around town, trying to tell me what to eat, what not to eat, and how I'm going to be a huge star, tells people I grew up with that he is my BFF ... it's crazy! But wait, how did you know his name?

Jim: Well he is a regular on.....ummmmm......uhhhhhh.....lucky guess?

(Micah's phone rings again)

Micah: Jim I better take this, or he just won't stop.

Micah: Yeah, hi NY17, what's up? Yes, I ran 4 miles this morning. No, I didn't finish breakfast. No, Coach Coughlin didn't call and offer me the Number 1 WR position. No, I don't think you should call him ... because it's weird, that's why. Listen to me, DO NOT call Coach Coughlin! Look man, I appreciate you being a fan and all, but this is getting out of hand, my wife is starting to think I got a girl on the side! OK, I'm hanging up now.

Jim: Sooooooo ... he showed up at your house, huh?

Micah: That's not the half of it. He had Micah Rucker bobbleheads made, and passed them out all around my home town. Do you know how embarrassing that is? Man, I'm in the NF freaking L, and all my friends in my hometown call me "Bobblehead" Rucker now. I can't even go to 7-11 for coffee without somebody yelling "Hey Bobblehead! Where's your sidekick?"

I would like to bring you more of the interview, but unfortunately Micah's phone rang again, and he threw his Blackberry in the lake and ran out of the room screaming. If I ever get the chance, I hope to catch up with him again.