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New York Giants' notes, 03.25.09


Here are a few New York Giants' notes for a Wednesday.

  • ESPN's Matt Mosley had a very nice two-part interview with Giants' General Manager Jerry Reese earlier this week. Click here for Part 1, and here for Part 2.

My favorite part of the Reese interviews is his response when Mosley asked him about experts saying the Giants are winning the off-season. He said "offseason Super Bowl stuff is for losers." Love that line.

  • Mosley also gets 'kudos' for pointing out this mock draft from Football Outsiders. In typical FO style, Bill Barnwell goes above and beyond by not just making selections, but by also trying to figure out which teams will make trades. Interestingly, Barnwell has the Giants moving up to No. 18 (from 29) to select Maryland wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey.

Barnwell also gets off a tremendous line in regards to the mock draft madness around the Inter-Google leading up to the real draft. According to Barnwell, "Mock drafts are a special sort of useless." Love that line, too.

  • A little good news on the wide receiver front. Reserve Taye Biddle is nearly fully recovered from an apparent random shooting in January.
  • Ralph Vacchiano says the Giants have talked to Cleveland about Braylon Edwards, but have not offered to deal any players.
  • Ernie Palladino gives us a glimpse of what the Giants' new practice facility is going to look like.
  • Brandon Jacobs doesn't think Plaxico Burress deserves any prison time.

“With the people they’ve got running around on the street, I don’t think that someone like him should be convicted for what he’s done,” Jacobs said earlier today. “He didn’t hurt anyone but himself. We’ve got murderers and killers and rapists and everything else that’s running around the streets now. But you know, it is a messed up world and a messed up country and you never know what they’ll do.”