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ESPN's Mosley on Giants' draft needs

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ESPN' Matt Mosley is analyzing the draft needs of the NFC East teams. He posted his take on the Giants a couple of days ago.

Here is some of what he had to say.

Team needs: Receiver, tight end, safety

Dream scenario: The Giants will have a lot better feel for the draft once Plaxico Burress has his day in court. If Burress has to spend time behind bars, there's a good chance the team goes after a wide receiver with the No. 29 pick. And they may take a receiver even if Burress avoids jail time. The Giants are stacked in several areas, but they need a playmaker at wideout. If Hakeem Nicks out of North Carolina slips to No. 29, that's the guy. But if he's gone, Rutgers product Kenny Britt could be a possibility.

Plan B: I know some people would like to see the Giants replace running back Derrick Ward, but former seventh-round pick Ahmad Bradshaw should have that position filled. If the Giants aren't in love with a wide receiver at No. 29, they could continue to bolster their linebacking unit. Michael Boley gives the Giants a reliable player, but there's still room for competition. I think Gerris Wilkinson has just about used up all his goodwill and I'm not sure the Giants view Chase Blackburn and Bryan Kehl as long-term solutions.

Nothng earth-shattering, or surprising, in there. Pretty much just confirmation of what we have been thinking since last season ended.

By the way, I know the 'prospecting' piece usually runs on Friday. With the Kevin Boss interview to entertain you, though, I am pushing it back a day.