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Catching up on other Giants' news


My head is still spinning from the whirlwind weekend our New York Giants just had, loading up on defense with the signings of Chris Canty, Rocky Bernard and Michael Boley.

Aside from the signings, there are a few other stories of interest involving the Giants. Let's check in on them.

  • Phil Simms weighed in on the Plaxico Burress situation over the weekend, opining that Plax will be a Giant if he isn't in a graybar hotel somewhere.

"I think the players like him, and I think the organization likes him too. ... "Guys make mistakes, but you realize down deep they got good hearts and they're a good person, and I think that's how everybody feels about Plaxico Burress," Simms added. "I don't know him. . . . I'm saying all this and judging it from what I read and just watching the body language when he plays football and how the players react to him. You can tell: They like him. That's enough for me. And I have never had any New York Giant player - off the record or anything else - ever say anything to me, negative about Plaxico Burress."

  • We have seen already from comments by Dallas fans, and the blurb we received from Blogging the Boys, that Cowboy faithful are downplaying the loss of Chris Canty. The Dallas Star-Telegram, though, says Cowboys fans should be unhappy. The team has serious salary cap issues.
  • There are rumors that the Cleveland Browns might be willing to trade inconsistent wide receiver Braylon Edwards. At 6-foot-3, 211 pounds he is a big target and a big-play threat. He had 80 catches, 16 for touchdowns, in 2007, but caught just 55 passes in 2008. Interested, Giants' fans?
  • Derrick Ward has not found the big payday he is seeking yet. Ward is reportedly visiting Tampa Bay Tuesday.