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Great Moments in Giants Stadium History: Next Stop Pasadena!

The committee of captains for the Redskins and Giants captain Harry Carson stood at midfield in a swirling wind before the start of the NFC Championship Game on January 11th, 1987. Referee Pat Haggerty tossed the coin, the Redskins called tails, Carson chose to have the wind at his back, and the game was over.

The Redskins had the wind against them in the first quarter, and it showed. Their first three punts traveled 23, 27, and 24 yards. The Giants were able to capitalize on good field position, and had a 10 point lead at the end of the first quarter thanks to a Raul Allegre FG and a TD pass from Phil Simms to Lionel Manuel. Joe Morris added a TD in the 2nd quarter, and the Giants relied on their defense in the 2nd half to make it stand up.

Redskins QB Jay Schroeder had an especially bad day, throwing 50 times in bad conditions, was hit hard by the Giants defense all day long, and by game's end had suffered a mild concussion.

In the third quarter, Schroeder was intercepted by Gary Reasons and was nearly intercepted several more times. He was just trying to survive by that time.

"He was scared," said Leonard Marshall, who nearly tore off Schroeder's arm on one 19-yard sack.

As Simms killed the clock for the final time, Carson dumped the Gatorade on Bill Parcells, a ritual after every victory. Then the other players dumped more Gatorade on Carson, and Parcells pulled out a water-gun and blasted away at the players. Confetti rained down from the stands as the final minutes ticked away.

"It was the strongest wind I ever saw at Giants Stadium," said Phil Simms. "I could play another 10 years and never play in a wind like that."

The players left Giants Stadium that day as NFC Champions and would return two weeks later as Super Bowl Champions.

Finally, I found this absolutely amazing video of the last 2 minutes of the game. If you've been a Giants fan as long as I have, when you watch this video and hear loud the crowd was and watch them celebrate after so many dismal years, I almost guarantee a lump in your throat. Also, it's great to watch this video and hear Pat Summerall and John Madden at the top of their game.