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Wednesday Walk Around the NFL: 3.18.09

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Good Morning and Happy Hump Day, Giants fans! Hopefully your hangovers aren't too bad, and your eyes are clear enough to read some of the stories making headlines around the NFL:

Final NFL Thoughts:

  • Stevie Defense isn't wasting any time putting his stamp on the Rams. if I were Marc Bulger I'd be worried about buying green bananas in St. Louis.
  • I heard Jim Fassel took the UFL job after the deal fell thru coaching in the Lingerie Bowl.

Final Un-NFL Thoughts:

  • Netherlands baseball.....who knew?
  • Anybody else watching "Eastbound and Down" on HBO? Is there any doubt that Kenny Powers is modeled after a former Braves reliever NY loves to hate?

Don't forget to check in tomorrow for another Great Moment in Giants Stadium History!