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Take advantage of all the toys

Sports Blogs Nation's recent partnership with Yahoo! Sports is bringing many new users to our community here at Big Blue View, and to SBN blogs across the network.

With that in mind, I wanted to take a little time to make sure all of our users, both new and old, understand the power of the tools at your disposal and how you can help this community continue to grow.

At the end of many of the posts you will see links for Facebook, Digg and Yahoo! Buzz. If you like the post, please take a few seconds to click these links and recommend the post to those widely-used aggregators. That helps spread the word about BBV, and adds to the discussion about the Giants.

In addition, if you use the 'recommend' link at the bottom of posts that will help increase a post's visibility.

All Big Blue View posts are also available at Ballhype, the best sports blog content aggregator on the Internet. If you use Ballhype, please go to the Giants' page and 'Hype Up' posts from BBV.

Many of you have discovered the joy of creating your own 'Fanposts' or 'Fanshots.' It is a two-way street here at BBV, it isn't just 'jrs' and myself talking to you. Fanposts allow you to write your own blog posts, or to break news that maybe we haven't gotten to yet. Some of those might even find their way to the main part of the site. Fanshots allow you to send us videos, photos, links or quotes.

If you want Giants' merchandise please feel free to peruse the Giants' Fan Shop you can get to from the link on left side of the main page. By way of full disclosure, yours truly does earn a small percentage from anything you purchase from the store.

Finally, please make sure you are familiar with the Community Guidelines. This is a friendly place, and we hope it will always stay that way.

Any questions, e-mail