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A look around the league, SBN style

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Let's take a tour of the other fine SB Nation football blogs today and see what they are talking about. It's been way too long since we have done that, so here goes.

  • Pride of Detroit mentions a story speculating that the Detroit Lions are targeting an offensive tackle with the No. 1 pick, and would then make a serious run at disgruntled Denver quarterback Jay Cutler.
  • Carolina Panther fans are not happy that their team apparently won't be going after free-agent wide receiver Torry Holt.
  • Niners Nation takes to task all the mock draft 'experts' who believe the 49ers will choose a QB with the 10th overall pick.
  • This is a couple of days old, but Dawgs By Nature wonders why the Cleveland Browns released starting right tackle Kevin Shaffer. Shaffer is a guy the Giants were interested in trading for a couple of seasons ago. If he will accept a backup role, I wonder if Giants' GM Jerry Reese would be interested in acquiring him now.
  • Here with the Giants our motto is always 'In Reese We Trust.' Baltimore Beatdown feels the same way about Ozzie Newsome.
  • If you can stand all the charts and graphs and stats that made my head spin, Phinsider has a detailed look at whether pass rushers or defensive backs are more important.
  • The Dallas Cowboys have extra picks in the upcoming NFL Draft, and Blogging the Boys is wondering who might be a willing trade partner.
  • Gang Green Nation wonders if the New York Jets would consider trading for Cleveland quarterback Derek Anderson.
  • Looking for info on the upcoming NFL Draft? Be sure to make SBN's Mocking the Draft a regular stop on your information-seeking adventure.
  • With Tom Brady back, Pats Pulpit is feeling pretty good about the 2009 New England Patriots.