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New York Giants' notes, 03.12.09


Here are a few notes of interest for New York Giants' fans.

  • 'Shutdown Corner' has some belated -- and hilarious -- thoughts on Tuesday's Manning Day celebration in Mississippi. All I can say is it sure must be tough to go through life as a Manning.
  • Joe Jurevicius is convinced his career is not over despite his release Wednesday by the Cleveland Browns. The ex-Giant was always one of my favorite players, and I hope he is right. The 11-year veteran missed 2008 with a knee injury that ended up requiring a half-dozen operations after he got a staph infection.
  • St. Louis Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo is thrilled with the recent signing of former Giant James Butler. Rightly or wrongly, I know a lot of Giants fans are happy Spags' Rams signed him, too.
  • Peter King thinks the Eagles will outbid the Giants for Anquan Boldin. Hat tip to ESPN's Matt Mosley for the find.
  • Jim Fassel thinks coaching in the new UFL will be "awesome." I would think Fassel would find any coaching job awesome at this point.