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Kiper goes off on 'overrated' Cutler

It's 'Wednesday Walk' day, and I don't mean to steal jrs' thunder -- well, maybe I do -- but that's not the point. I had to mention the absolute beatdown that Mel Kiper gave unhappy Denver quarterback Jay Cutler the other day.

Kiper says (Matt) Cassel would have been an "upgrade" over Cutler and that Cutler is, to put it mildly, overrated.

"[Cutler] throws one pass, he's a Hall of Famer," Kiper says. "I've seen the media put him in the Hall of Fame. I had to run to the bathroom quick. It was making me ill. I've been hearing this overhype.

"This guy was overhyped at the combine, he was overhyped at Senior Bowl week, he's been overhyped before he was drafted. The media, they love Jay Cutler. Jay Cutler can do no wrong. I've been saying he's overrated since day one. Everyone's been pounding their chests saying, 'Oh, I love Jay Cutler, I'm a genius.' They have egg on their face now."

Kiper points out that Cutler has yet to lead the Broncos to a winning record or a playoff appearance. Also, Kiper says, "[Cutler] makes throws that leave you scratching your head, which I said on draft day when he was picked. Yeah, he's got a strong arm, but my daughter knew he had a strong arm. She could've written that report."

Kiper compares Cutler to Jeff George. "Jeff George had a great arm, and Jeff George had a lot of great games in this league, and people were putting Jeff George in the HOF early in his career," Kiper says. "So I'm just telling you, this is ridiculous."

I am no fan of Kiper. But, you have to admit that is one great rant right there.