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New York Giants' notebook, 03.10.09


Here are a couple of New York Giants-related news items for today.

  • You probably know by now that Plaxico Burress' grievance hearing against the Giants has been postponed. I'm not sure what that means for Burress' possible future as a Giant, but the sides seem to be doing little more than wrangling over money. That can't be good news for those want Plax back next season.
  • James Butler has signed with the St. Louis Rams. This makes sense for both sides since Butler can step right in with the Rams and help orchestrate Steve Spagnuolo's defense.
  • Veteran defensive end Renaldo Wynn might be heading back to the Washington Redskins.
  • ESPN's Matt Mosley says the Giants have had the best off-season of the four NFC East teams thus far. I think that's a pretty easy statement to make.