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For Burress, Giants it's about the money

Plaxico Burress and the New York Giants are fighting over money.

The players union filed legal briefs Friday, has learned, in order to help Burress with a grievance he filed against the Giants. As a result of those filings, the extent of the actions the Giants took against Burress after he accidentally shot himself in November are coming to light.

The briefs, which were viewed by, showed the Giants sent Burress a letter in December saying they were trying to recoup and withhold previous bonus money and future monies that could reach several million dollars. In fact, the Giants are looking to go after a portion of Burress' potential earnings up to the next four years and that includes a whopping 14 future escalators the Giants now think Burress should no longer be eligible to cash in on.

The Giants contend Burress defaulted on his contract as a result of his actions this past season.

Burress later filed his grievance to block the Giants from recouping the money.

The two sides will continue to battle even as Burress deals with his legal issues stemming from a Manhattan nightclub incident in which he shot himself in the thigh. Burress, 31, was arrested in late November on an illegal-gun charge.

That doesn't sound like two sides trying to work out a way for Burress to continue his career as a Giant. That sounds like two sides trying to figure out what it will cost when they go their separate ways.