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Micah Rucker mania: Feeding the hungry

Micah Rucker mania seems to have struck in the comment thread of Friday's 'Prospecting' post.

Pretty amazing for a guy who was undrafted out of Eastern Illinois following the 2007 season, then was cut last season by both Pittsburgh and Kansas City without ever getting off the practice squad for either team.

Here is some of what was said Friday about Rucker.

Also in his second year in the league is Micah Rucker. He signed with the GIANTS in December after being drafted by the Steeler’s. He’s 6’ 6 220 lbs with around 4.47 40 speed. Reports say he has good hands, runs good routes and can out jump DBs in a crowd to make the catch. Everthing I’ve found online on the kid is positive.

-- NY17NE14

I think Micah Rucker is going to be a standout for us in 2009, so I don’t have WR as the highest need.

-- sunlion333

Let's be clear. Rucker went to the Steelers as an undrafted free agent. He played at a small school, and there is a reason why two NFL teams have already jettisoned him.

Obviously, GM Jerry Reese knows more than any of us about NFL talent. That said, I don't think anyone connected with the Giants is counting on Rucker becoming their primary receiver in 2009.

Sure, the Giants will give him a chance. And maybe, just maybe, he will stick around -- doing what highly thought of young free agent receivers Brandon London and Anthony Mix couldn't the past couple of seasons.

Let's not go overboard, though. Anyway, for all you Rucker-maniacs here is a Youtube clip I was able to find of an Eastern Illinois game. Rucker (#80) is in many of the highlights.