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5 Questions with ... Ryan Parker

If you have read my stuff for a while you know I am a big fan of "singing sports commentator" Ryan Parker. I have used his stuff both here and in other places.

Following his recent NFL season-ending song I reached out to Parker to see if he would do a '5 Questions' segment with Big Blue View.

He obliged, and even wrote a little song from a request I made. Here is the interview, and the song.

Big Blue View: Really a two-parter to start. How did you get started doing this, and how long have you been doing it?

Ryan Parker: I got started doing this because a guy I work with suggested I write a song about the Cincinnati Bengals back in 2005 when they made the playoffs for the first time in ages. I written songs and played guitar as a hobby for about 20 years, but this was my first "sports song". I posted it on some message boards and got a good I kept writing songs about sports topics that interested me. I love sports and I love writing songs so it combines my two favorite hobbies. I look at it as a "weekly sports column in song" now.

BBV: Another two-parter (I am getting my money's worth). In your bio I read about several of the appearances you have made. Did you ever anticipate this kind of attention? What is the coolest thing that has happened to you since you started doing this?

RP: When I started out doing this, I didn't anticipate the kind of attention it's garnered. It's worked out thanks to the combination of sports talk radio and blogs. Sports talk radio stations play the songs and blogs post the songs if they fit their particular market. By far, the best thing that has happened since I've started doing this was getting to be on Monday Night Football with my 5-year-old daughter. We recorded ourselves singing the chorus to one of my songs and they played it on Monday Night Football. That was great because she was so excited about it. The local news came and intereviewed her and everything.

BBV: Of all the sports songs you have done, do you have one that stands out as a favorite?

RP: I have had different favorites over time. My songs about the Patriots during their "invincible years" stand out to me. "Shady Brady and Bill Belicheat" got a lot of play and "Eli Put On Your Superman Cape" made me look like a pretty good prognosticator. I have been trying to keep the songs as much like a weekly sports column as possible lately, though, because that's my goal ... to end up being the "singing sports commentator" or something like that.

BBV: I am also a huge New York Yankee fan. Will we be hearing a song from you about Joe Torre's book, 'The Yankee Years?' Yes, that's a hint. I would like one.

RP: I had been thinking about that and your question helped inspire me to go ahead and put it together. Here you go...

BBV: You are, obviously, easily accessible via e-mail from your Web site. Do you ever get any reaction from the athletes you poke fun at?

RP: I've never actually heard from the athletes themselves. It's always neat for me when I find out their reaction to what I've done, though. The Jacksonville Jaguars played my "Del Rio" song over their P.A. as sort of a joke on the coach during practice in preparation to play the Patriots in the playoffs. Also, Brandon Webb (who happens to be from my hometown) was interviewed about the song I did about him ("Bigger Than Billy Ray" - Billy Ray Cyrus is also from my hometown) on Fox Sports Arizona. I'm still waiting to hear from Tom Brady or Bill Belichick. :-)

Thanks, Ryan. Your time, and your musical commentary, is much appreciated. Keep up the good work. Stop by to peruse the entire library of Parker's work.