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Giants Free Agent Updates

On this first day of free agency, just going to post any updates I can find as the day goes on, so far here is what we know

As Ed told us earlier, Michael Boley from the Falcons is due in today, and if it goes well, he may leave with a contract.

Mike Garafolo is also reporting Seahawks DT Rocky Benard will visit the Giants today. Benard was targeted by the Giants 3 years ago, but opted to stay in Seattle.

Also, James Butler is visiting the Rams.

Ralph Vacchiano is reporting that Cardinals DE Antonio Smith was invited in by the Giants, but its not clear if he accepted the invite.

That's it for now, hopefully more later

UPDATE 12:35: From Ralph Vacchiano:

A little update on the scheduled visit by free-agent LB Michael Boley. A source said he’s due in this evening after a flight from somewhere on the West Coast. He’s scheduled to stay here until tomorrow. The Giants intend to move quickly, but it might not be until the morning before this thing gets wrapped up.