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New York Giants' notebook, 02.26.09


With the great news Wednesday that running back Brandon Jacobs has signed a long-term contract with our New York Giants, it's a perfect chance to watch a little Jacobs video.

Fortunately, has a clip of Jacobs' top 5 plays of 2008. It's fun to watch.

By the way, apparently there are people who think Jacobs did not get nearly enough money from the Giants.

  • Speaking of video, the tremendous Mike Garafolo has a video preview of the Giants' free agency plans. Here it is.
Mike Garafolo talks about the Giants free-agency plans

Obviously, MG filmed that before the Jacobs news broke. Here, by the way, is a text version of MG's thoughts on free agency. He adds a couple of names to the list of players the Giants might go after -- Atlanta linebacker Michael Boley and Seattle defensive tackle Rocky Bernard.