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New York Giants notebook, 02.24.09


Here are a few notes about our New York Giants, the NFL scouting combine and a couple of other items of interest.

  • Peter King of had a very interesting note on Monday regarding Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis.

Agents have worked so hard to make their players presentable that teams now have to do things to get players out of their comfort zones. This year, I heard more and more stories about teams challenging players instead of simply interviewing them or exchanging niceties.

My favorite story involved a defensive coach for one team asking Ohio State linebacker James Laurinaitis why they should pick him. "Tell me something,'' the coach said. "When is the last time a linebacker from Ohio State came to the NFL and was worth a s---?'' That shook the Buckeye out of whatever confident zone he might have entered the room in.

Come to think of it, he makes a good point. A.J. Hawk has been OK, but nothing spectacular, and he followed the likes of Bobby Carpenter and Andy Katzenmoyer.