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2008 Giants draft retro ... Andre Woodson

Andre Woodson during a 2008 exhibition game against the New York Jets

Let's conclude our 2008 New York Giants draft retrospective by looking at quarterback Andre Woodson, the sixth-round pick from the University of Kentucky.

We will skip seventh-round pick Robert Henderson, since he didn't make it out of training camp.

The Giants took a flier on Woodson in last April's sixth round, hoping they could develop him into a capable backup quarterback for Eli Manning.

The little bit we saw last season tells us that the Giants know it is a process that will take time. The fact that they re-signed David Carr only confirms it.

Woodson looked unsure and overmatched in an exhibition game against the New York Jets prior to the season.

He opened the season on the practice squad. I lost track of how many times the Giants released him from the practice squad during the season, only to re-sign him as soon as they cleared roster room.

That told me two things. First, the Giants still believe they can develop him into an NFL-caliber quarterback. Second, they are pretty much the only team that thinks Woodson can play at the NFL level.

Woodson has apparently spent much of the last year revamping his throwing motion, getting rid of a hitch that slowed his delivery. 'Kudos' to Newsday's Tom Rock for the find.

So while spending last season on the New York Giants practice squad, Woodson said Giants coaches helped him rebuild his passing mechanics.

"In my old motion, my elbow would come up first, then the football would come up," Woodson said. "They got rid of the elbow coming up; now I just bring the football up. It's just a much faster motion getting rid of the ball."

Here is a little bit more from

Woodson said his indication from the Giants has been "that they like me and think I'm a player with a future. That's what they've indicated to my agent, too."

I am not convinced yet, but I sure do hope the Giants are right about this guy. It sure would be nice if they have uncovered a Matt Cassel-like backup.

Rookie Season Grade: Incomplete