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Harrison is still bitter, apparently


Did you guys notice Rodney Harrison's whiny cheap shot at the Giants during Sunday's pre-game show?

The New England Patriots safety was asked for a prediction. This is what he said.

"Unlike last year’s Super Bowl," Harrison said, "this year’s Super Bowl will be won by the best team."

Gee, sorry Rodney. But, thanks for giving me a reason to look at this play again. By the way, David Tyree still says his catch is the best play in Super Bowl history.

  • This from Peter King of today. "I don't believe that Plaxico Burress is going to be playing for the first eight weeks of next season. Not sure if that's going to be because of jail time in New York or an NFL suspension. But the Giants are going to need to make other plans at receiver, with Burress not around for opening day and Amani Toomer's future cloudy because the Giants may choose not to bring him back." Nothing we didn't really already know, but still interesting.
  • Gary Myers of the New York Daily News is predicting a Giants-Patriots Super Bowl next year in Miami. I like the sound of that.