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Jacobs gets franchised

From MG:

The Giants have placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on running back Brandon Jacobs, the team has announced. That means the free-agent-to-be will not be a free agent, though the "non-exclusive" classification means he's free to negotiate with other teams. Of course, if he signs with another team and the Giants don't match, Jacobs' new team would owe the Giants two first-round draft picks. ...

"They don't want to let me go and it just buys more time to get a deal done," Jacobs said. "A deal is going to be done and I am confident in that fact that a deal is going to be done. They just didn't want to let me hit the market to see what else is out there. They want me in and it is fine with me, because I would rather be here. It is another reason why I don't really have a problem with it. Now if I didn't want to be here I would be going off the deep end now, but that is not the fact because I want to be here. My family likes it here. This is where I started and this is kind of where I want to finish. It is really just to franchise me to try to get a deal done.

"I think both parties will probably come to an agreement here soon on a long-term deal. A lot of guys would be going off the deep end now, which I understand why guys do it and why nobody wants to be franchised. That only happens when guys don't want to play the rest of their career with that team and they want to see what else is out there. I am in a situation where I want to be here. I want to play here. That doesn't really bother me."