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For your consideration: Torry Holt

We know, of course, that our New York Giants will be looking to upgrade the wide receiver position for 2009.

Could Torry Holt be a solution?

The National Football Post reports that the St. Louis Rams might be shopping the 7-time Pro Bowler this off-season.

If so, are you interested?

I'm not. Holt caught 91 or more passes every season from 2002-2007. He be 33 next season, though, and is coming off a 64-catch 2008. He averaged 49.8 receiving yards per game, down from his career average of 80.1. That is his least productive year since his 1999 rookie season.

If he was a free agent I might take a chance on a one-year deal. I don't, however, want to see the Giants give up draft picks, even late round ones, for a guy who no longer appears to be a true impact player.

Your thoughts?