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Weekly playoff pulse: Will the Giants make it?

Seems like I keep asking this question -- mostly because I do. But, the landscape keeps changing -- as does the mood of our New York Giants fan base -- so it i worthwhile to ask.

When I polled you guys on Nov. 19, 871 of 1080 voters (80.6 percent) said they would make it. At the time the Giants were 54 with a four-game losing streak. You, obviously, were still optimistic.

I polled you again on Nov. 30 and got a much different answer. The Giants were 6-5 and had just gotten embarrassed by Denver. Out of 747 votes, 506 of you (67.7 percent) thought there was no way the Giants would make it. A huge mood swing.

So, how do you feel today? I will probably keep doing this every week until the Giants are either in or out. It's kind of fun to watch the confident level go up and down.