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New York Giants notes: Which are the real Giants?

New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers is wondering which Giants team will show up Sunday against Philadelphia. The one that looked confused and largely disinterested while losing five of six. Or, the one that played passionate, opportunistic football while saving its season Sunday against Dallas.

The Giants have to prove that the team that had lost five of the last six games has been put out with the trash. Are they one-weekend wonders? Can they prevent the Eagles from signing the locker room wall in their last visit to Giants Stadium?

It really makes you wonder where this team had been since starting the season 5-0. The intensity just wasn't there. They didn't look all that interested. They weren't playing physical, which has always been their trademark.

"I was on the sideline saying, 'This is our style of football. This is what we do,'" Tuck said. "Why does it come and go? I don't know yet. I wish I did. Hopefully we can find a way to just bottle this up and realize the talent we have on this team and what we are capable of doing."

Myers is right, of course. If the Giants can repeat Sunday's effort against Dallas and defeat the Eagles, 10 wins and a playoff berth are realistic. If they can't they are right back to staring at the probability of their first playoff-less season since 2004.

Snee's knee OK


An MRI Monday revealed no significant damage, just normal "wear and tear," to the joint, according to someone informed of Snee's injury status. The person, who requested anonymity because the Giants haven't provided any information on the injury yet, said Snee should be able to play on Sunday night against the Eagles in what will be another critical divisional game for the Giants.

DeSean Jackson expects to play

Pro Football Talk reports that the Philadelphia wide receiver, who missed last week's game against Atlanta with a concussion, expects to be in the lineup Sunday against the Giants.

A warning about the Redskins

The National Football Post's highly-respected columnist Michael Lombardi really likes the way the Washington Redskins have played the past few weeks.

…I know the ‘Skins are 3-9, but they’ve played hard the last three weeks and are actually a better team without running back Clinton Portis. I strongly doubt Portis will return this year, or next year for that matter. The ‘Skins have discovered some new, talented skill players in wide receiver Devin Thomas and tight end Fred Davis, who make their offense more effective.

…The ‘Skins just might beat the Giants and Cowboys in the next few weeks, and that’s why I like the Eagles to win the NFC East. The ‘Skins will decide the division winner.