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Jacobs heading under the knife

From Ralph Vacchiano, comes the news we have been fearing about Brandon Jacobs.

Giants running back Brandon Jacobs has been battling knee issues all season long, and after 15 games his knee has apparently had enough.

Tom Coughlin announced today that Jacobs’ disappointing season is officially over and he will undergo arthroscopic surgery next week. Coughlin did not specifically say what the damage was or whether it happened during his six-carry, one-yard performance against the Panthers on Sunday. He also indicated the problem wasn’t discovered until Jacobs was examined yesterday.

According to one source familiar with Jacobs’ injury, he has a partially torn meniscus. He suffered no ligament damage and the injury is not considered major. The ‘scope is being done mostly to clean out the torn cartilage, which they expect would reduce the pain and swelling that has apparently bothered him for months.

Let's just hope that this is not the beginning of long-term health issues for Jacobs. The Giants need to run the football better in 2010, and we would all like to think a healthy Jacobs would be part of the solution.