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New York Giants News & Notes: Ugly Loss Hangover

Today's News & Notes is going to be brief, b/c I'm traveling right now. I just want to point out that, despite how down I feel about the Giants right now, if you'd told me in 1999 that they would make the playoffs 6 out of the next 10 years, win more division championships and postseason games than the Cowboys & Redskins combined, make two trips to the Super Bowl & win one of the most memorable Super Bowls in the history of the league, I would have taken it in a heartbeat. If someone offered me an identical decade for the 10's, I'd take that in a heartbeat, too. The Giants may not be a dynasty, but they've had a nice run the past few years and aren't too many pieces away from being back in the playoffs. I'll take it.

Now onto the links:

  • Shaun O'Hara is the only Giant to make the Pro Bowl. Someone's going to have to explain to me how the guy who led the NFC in receptions, was third in receiving yards, and tenth in TD receptions didn't make the team. Steve Smith 2.0 got robbed. I hope the NFC receivers cost the team the game with multiple dropped 3rd down receptions.
  • Some generational drama has popped up between Giants legend Harry Carson and current linebacker Michael Boley. After hearing that Carson criticized the Giants performance on Sunday, Boley responded that it "doesn't mean anything to me." Carson stood by his words, saying (amongst other things): "They can say what they want to say...I didn’t miss any tackles on Sunday. I didn’t go out and wallow around. They need to look at themselves in the mirror. What they showed on Sunday, it was embarrassing. It was embarrassing for all the all former players." I've gotta say I'm taking Carson's side on this.
  • Finally, the NY Times 5th Down Blog wraps up its look at the Top 10 Giants Moments at Giants Stadium. Coming in at #1 is this past Sunday's finale against....nah, just kidding. It's the Giants regular season finale from 1981, a game that sent them to their first playoff appearance in 18 seasons.

One more note: My advice for Cowboys/Eagles rooting etiquette on Sunday: swallow your pride and passively hope the Cowboys win so the Eagles don't get a bye (but don't be too upset if the Cowboys lose), and then hope they both suffer embarrassing playoff losses, hopefully involving some kind of pathetic moment that can be mocked for years to come, ala McNabb puking or Romo fumbling an extra point.

Happy New Year everyone!